Barth Consulting, specialist for Contract- and Alliance Management

It is our aim to relieve the Legal and/or Business Development department and to take care that all of your internal departments have the same information regarding the contract content. In addition, we offer timeline management and, if necessary, the proactive approach of the contract partner and the renegotiation of the contractual conditions and/or the design and negotiation of new contracts, together with the Legal  and other internal departments.



All these services can be booked in individual packages, which are as follows:

Contract compilation

Compilation of all contracts (CDA/NDA/LOC, licensing agreements, partnering agreements, supply agreements, technical agreements, quality agreements, research contracts, etc.).


Definition and collection of business relevant core information, such as contract conditions,  contract object, contract duration, costs, prices, MOQs, special conditions, etc., which are thus clearly and reliably available to the management team and all other responsible internal departments.


Timeline Management


Monitoring of contract periods, compliance with notice periods and early reacting to expiring contracts and/or other project-relevant timelines.



All important information is maintained in detail and the appropriate internal department is notified in time that a deadline/timeline will expire and that an action should be taken.


Proactive Contract And Alliance Management


Self-reliant contact to the contract partners after consultation with the internal departments



Evaluation of existing contracts


Negotiation of new contracts                                          and elaboration of contract templates


Self-reliant conduct of negotiations with contract partners until contract signature. 


Elaboration of contract templates (term sheet, CDA/NDA, supply agreement, licensing agreement, etc.).



In close co-operation with management and internal departments.