Why Contract und Alliance Management are so important .....

My over 10 years experience as a business development, licensing and contract manager in the pharmaceutical industry (consulting, biotechnology companies, globally acting pharmaceutical companies) has always shown how important contract management is for the success of a project. it can cost a lot of money if this is incomplete or missing.


Initially, the negotiator can still remember the contract content very well. In time, and at the latest with a new contract or another contract template, this knowledge will fall behind. Furthermore, the contract overview is reduced when such a central person changes the company. Knowledge about contract content and special conditions are thus lost.



So frequently

  • Prices are not renegotiated in time;
  • MOQs are not met, Marketing Authorizations have not been updated, or the costs for this have been incorrectly invoiced;
  • Cancellation/renewal periods are missed; a rental contract is automatically extended or the supply runs out automatically
  • CDAs/NDAs are not extended. Can the information be passed on or must also be kept silent over the notice period and what happens with the documents?
  • Discussions are held about who can write the upcoming publication and whether it will be published before a Marketing Authorization is granted.
  • Reporting and/or control obligations as well as other deadlines  are missed 

In addition, the internal departments as Legal, Business Development, Clinical Research, Regulatory, Finance, etc. do not have the same knowledge regarding the contract content.


These examples can be endlessly extended. It could be even worse if the company should use different contract templates.



Knowing the complete lifecycle of the contract would help to avoid this. 


BARTH CONSULTING, specialist for contract and alliance management, will be happy to accompany you throughout the entire life cycle of your contract and provide contract compilation, contract preparation, monitoring of contract timelines, proactive contract and alliance management, evaluation and renegotiation of existing contracts, as well as negotiation of new contracts and elaboration of contract templates in different service packages.